Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

This interesting interpretation of people's awareness can easily be compared to the Iraq war. Just as people went to look at the boy, they ignore his presence during their daily routines. This is true with the Iraq war, we as Americans have rallied against our President and our troops. However, when it comes to the headlines of the papers saying Iraqis or Americans have died, we acknowledge that headline and move on. Unless we are directly effected by the war by having family members and loved ones over in the war, we simply continue on eating our breakfast and skimming other headlines. The nation as a whole is said to support our American troops, but I admit I haven't thought out our troops all day until I was suggested to make the comparison. This is just like the little boy in the basement room. Noone acknowledges him unless they choose to, then they return to their everyday lives and supress the thought of the little boy shivering in the damp basement with little to no food and or clothing.
Its a chilling interpretation that should hit Americans to the core, we aren't doing all we can. Whether or not thats the fault of the American population or the President is a completely different story. We should take the time out in every day to remember what our troops are doing for Iraq's democracy and their future, or that little boy in the basement.


Blogger Lisaleb said...

Interesting connection. You wrote about Afghanistan, but I'm wondering if you were thinking about Iraq instead. I agree with yourpointabout the media's ability to help us hide from certain aspects of life all the while thinking that we aren't. Do you think the same forgetfulness applies to our understanding of the Iraqi people? Do we need to remember them as much as we remeber the suffering of American troops?

April 28, 2005 at 12:45 PM


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