Sunday, April 03, 2005

Adventures with Kate

My roommate had her friend come visit on Friday night. Her friend left that night with my roommate's wallet still in her purse. Her friend is from Hull, Massachusetts...not so close to Wheaton. A sophomore floormate, soon to be suitemate next year, Kate and I ventured up to Hull to retrieve the wallet. The weather was so so, with occasional patchy spots of rain. We had an easy time getting there, retrieved the wallet, in fact, we also got some free pizza out of the trip. My roommate's friend was on her shift at the pizza joint she works at so she thought the hour drive up there was worthy of some free pizza. It was some good pizza too. Kate and I started on our adventure back to Norton while enjoying the free pizza. It turns out that we drove down this one side road to see these GIGANTIC houses that faced the ocean. We continued down the road for a long time, indeed, it was a LONG time. It turns out we ended up in North Scituate. Oh how I dont like North Scituate. Kate and I stopped at a general store to ask for directions. The only person working there said,"oh, lets go outside, I'm a visual person, i'll show you directions from there." She comes outside and says go this way and there should be a police station on the right, take a right there. Wait, maybe theres a police station on the left, well either way take a right. (WHAT?)
We finally find our way to a main road that we know, NO POLICE STATION ANYWHERE TO BE SEEN. Indeed, this was quite the adventure. Our supposed two hour trip took almost three hours, all because of a wallet.


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