Sunday, March 27, 2005

Spring Arrived!

Spring is finally here. The warm weather has arrived! The weather allows people to enjoy their walks to CVS, allos people to do homework outside on a grassy area, run outside without freezing to death, and makes walking to class that much more enjoyable. We can hang up our winter coats and change into flip flops. Okay, maybe not flip flops just yet. But I have high hopes for some good, warm weather.

The conversation during class about protests was interesting. The way that the class went from hacking as a form of protest to the civil rights sit ins was kind of interesting. A good handful of the class that protesting is a mocking practice now, with the protest designated area on inauguration day for President Bush. While other students thought that hacking into government programs/databases was a dishonorable act, some thought it was a mere act of protest. The hacking into databases is almost a violent act. There is a reason why you're not suppose to access the files, so why access them? People will only get hurt, there are reprecussions to illegal behavior. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that hacking into government databases is okay, and at that its considered an art.


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