Monday, February 21, 2005

The Lysosome

My Biology 112 assignment took up my entire weekend. When I say entire weekend I mean my Friday afternoon, I mean my Friday evening, I mean my Saturday morning, afternoon, and even night, I mean my Sunday morning, my sunday afternoon, and YES I mean my Sunday evening. I have never worked on a project for so many straight hours in a weekend. My mind is so rattled with information about my lysosome I can't remember what other classes I have to do work in. I started my work for other classes at 11pm, Sunday night. I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. No project should be assigned one week and due the following Monday when this much work was necessary. My group and I went through 10 bottles of Elmers Glue. Not to mention the amount of money we spent on this bloody project, not to mention the number of times we had to run to the store for more material, not to mention the amount of time we sat in my hallway elbow deep in paper mache. No lysosome should be expressed in such a great scale...the size of a yoga ball. Our teacher said he is going to measure each part of the organelle to make sure that our conversions from actual size to 1.5 million times larger are up to snuff.

Talyorism has never been so well represented than in my high school in Fairfax, Virginia. Students are bred to take as many AP courses as possible, become a top athlete, and then go onto UVA, Virginia Tech, or JMU. Mind you I took many AP courses, ran track and did gymnastics, I resisted the path and chose to come to Wheaton. My tayloristic highschool can only do so much. You could call me a soldier if you want, for I dispersed from the mass of Northern Virginia highschool students who go to the same colleges with the same high school people. Taylorism can work to maintain order, yet soldiering can never be eradicated.


Blogger Lisaleb said...

what you describe doesn't sound like Taylor's "soldiering" to me; sounds more like leadership, I'd say.

February 23, 2005 at 6:27 PM


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