Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A little bit about myself

I'm from Northern Virginia, right outside Washington D.C. The thing is when I tell someone where I am from, they're fascinated at the idea that someone actually lives outside of New England. A handful of people ask if there are palm trees in Virginia, I cannot say that I have ever seen any palm trees outside of Washington D.C. That, and I notice people here are not very friendly...driving back up to school I have been bombarded with crazy drivers. I must say...I miss the South.

Might I add, I have never seen so many Dunkin Donut establishments in my life!


Blogger Your friendly librarian said...

Hi, Sarah,
I am from New York City, and I went to college in Baltimore in the sixties. It felt like the deep south to me! Color lines were harsh, accents sounded backwoodsy to me (my NY accent must have sounded far worse to the locals!), restaurants closed at 9, the pace seemed to be in slow motion. I loved Goucher College, but I always knew I'd return to the northeast.
Judy Aaron (I'm the reference librarian who came to your blogging class)

February 5, 2005 at 9:12 AM


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